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Professional Handicappers

Bobby “The Bank” Thomas

Bobby’s namesake was his grandad who was a famed bootlegger during prohibition.

Growing up Bobby heard many stories about Bobby The Bootlegger. In sharp contrast his dad was a conservative accountant. As a youngster Bobby loved the excitement his Grandad had but also respected the analytical nature of his dad. The combination was the genesis of Bobby “The Bank”.  The action of sports handicapping mixed with the love of numbers gives you the edge you need to crush your book.

Bobby “The Bank” Thomas

Joey ‘Line Master’ Cash

Family legend Joey is a distant cousin to Johnny.

Like his famous cousin, Joey became a superstar in his craft.  Unlike Johnny, Joey did not perform on the big stage in front of thousand of people. He honed his skills in a dimly lit office crunching numbers, weather forecasts, and matchups. Joeys forte became finding the lines that were off by 3 or more points, sometimes finding favorites that should be dogs. Whether your a dime a game recreational player you will benefit from the analysis. Cousin Johnny walked the the line Joey leaned how to master it

Joey ‘Line Master’ Cash

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